Lichen Photo Gallery

Teloschistaceae family

by Karina Wilk


This gallery contains photographs of species of lichens from the family Teloschistaceae, being subjected to taxonomic and phylogenetic studies conducted by me. The photographs present the morphological and anatomical features of the studied species and constitute additional illustrative material for the data published (see bibliography). The illustrated lichen collection comes from various parts of the world, with special attention to specimens from South America.

Lichens, including members of the Teloschistaceae family, are difficult object for taxonomic study, due to time and patience consuming microscopic observations. In addition, many representatives of the Teloschistacea family are still poorly known, especially those from tropical areas such as South America. With this in mind, I have posted photos of different quality in the gallery, counting on the fact that even low quality ones can help to identify the taxa.

Morphological and anatomical characters have been studied using a Nikon SMZ 1270 dissecting microscope and Nikon Eclipse 50i light microscope, respectively. The granulation of anatomical structures has been observed in polarized light; solubility of granules/crystals and colour reactions have been determined using 25% KOH (K) and 65% nitric acid (N). The voucher material is kept in KRAM, unless otherwise stated. Photographic documentation has been made with a Nikon DS-Fi2 digital camera combined with the imaging software NIS-Elements D v. 4.30 (Nikon Corporation, Japan).

The idea of creating this website is related to the realization of the project titled Taxonomic diversity of the Caloplaca species in Bolivia, financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW, grant no. N N303 821740), in the years 2011-2014 (extended to 2017). A digital camera with software and partly microscope equipment have been purchased as part of this project. The photos will presented mainly the results of research conducted in this topic.

The website has just been created and subsequent photos will be added on a regular basis.

All comments for the website and presented material sending on my e-mail address are welcomed.

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List of species:

Caloplaca crocina (Kremp.) Wilk & R. Vargas

Caloplaca monacensis (Leder.) Lettau

Huriella sp. nov.

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