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Catalogue of Polish Prokaryotic and  Eukaryotic Algae

Katalog glonów prokariotycznych i eukariotycznych Polski


Editors of the Volume: Jadwiga SIEMIŃSKA, Konrad WOŁOWSKI

Copyright © W. Szafer Institute of Botany, Polish Academy of Sciences, 2003

ISBN: 83-89648-07-5

252 p. / B5

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Introduction - Wstęp - 9
References - Literatura - 10
Cyanophyta (Cyanoprokaryota, Cyanobacteria) - 13
Glaucophyta - 38
Euglenophyta - 38
Dinophyta (Pyrrophyta) - 47
Cryptophyta - 55
Chloromonadophyta - 56
Chrysophyta - 56
Xantophyceae - 56
Chrysophyceae - 60
Bacillariophyceae - 65
Chlorophyta - 154
Volvocales - 154
Chlorococcales - 159
Ulotrichales - 183
Chaetophorales - 186
Cladophorales - 190
Oedogoniales - 191
Euconjugatae - 196
Desmidiinales - 201
Siphonales - 240
Charophyta - 241
Phaeophyta - 246
Rhodophyta - 248


To Professor Karol Sturmach we owe the initiative of gathering various documentary materials to enable elaboration of different systematic groups defined by the popular name of algae. He proposed this in 1954 when starting to organize the first Polish phycological department at the recently established Institute of Botany in the then newly created Polish Academy of Sciences. Thus began the elaboration of bibliography to the Polish flora of algae and its supplementation by the original publications or their copies. On their basis the Latin names of species noted in Poland were excerpted on files. These data were and still are diligently and consistently gathered, although Professor Starmach left the department in 1958 for the. also organized by him, Chair of Hydrobiology at the Jagiellonian University.

In this elaboration the Latin names of all taxonomic groups of freshwater and marine, recent and fossil algae are set down, taken from publications assembled in the already published bibliographies (Siemińska 1990, Siemińska, Pająk 1992). The Starmach's taxonomical system (suggested in 1954) is used in this elaboration. Blue-green algae are treated as prokaryotic algae Cyanophyta because during their investigation the rules of the botanical (and not bacteriological) nomenclature are used.

During the first years the files with the data were elaborated subsequently by the employed workers: Oedogoniales by Teresa Mrozińska (then M.Sc.), Desmidiinales by Kazimierz Wasylik (then M.Sc.), Bacillariophyceae by one of the authors (JS), Cyanophyta (in green ink) by Dr. Bolesława Kawecka-Starmachowa. From January 1969 Anna Hrebendowa M.Sc. had for the longest time taken part in the enterprise, and later, after her death. Jadwiga Grzbielowa M.Sc. She worked in different periods together with Anna Derlaga M.Sc., Dr. Krystyna Hojda. Zofia Dyrga M.Sc., Jolanta Pajajc M.Sc., Mrs. Lucyna Żak-El Shahed, and Agata Wojtal (then M.Sc.). Using a program proposed by Marek Verey M.Sc. most data were entered to the computer by Mrs. Żak-El Shahed. who also included corrections of the text to the computer, and prepared the publication for the print.

The Latin names of the genera and species in the Catalogue are given in alphabetical order. Latin names of the lower systematic units are placed below, also alphabetically, irrespective of their rank. The literal and grammatic errors were, as far as possible, corrected.

The author's (or authors') name by the Latin name of a taxon is here ommitted. The users must search for Information on the particular taxon under its present name and its synonyms.

The taxon name is followed by the numbers of the bibliographic items in which it is mentioned. By the number the symbol of the eventual Information is given (in parenthesis) con-cerning drawings and photos, i.e. illustrations (i), complemenatary remarks concerning size or morphology (u), and the new taxon description (n). The species not strictly identified, or reported in literature with the question-mark, are designated in the presented text as "cf.".

The genera Ebria and Distephanus which have recently been included to the class Ebriophyceae are classified to Chrysophyceae.

Under the same name Cosmarium hornavanense fo. ornata Wołoszyńska described - in papers 2881 and 2885 - two different forms; in the Catalogue they are distinguished by "[!]" and "[2]".

The Cataloque, elaborated for fifty years, is available to serve members of the staff of our department as well as specialists from other scientific centres. Without the mentioned bibliographies the usefulness of the index is limited. However, even than, it provides Information on taxa that are common, frequent, or rarely noted in Poland.

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