W. Szafer Institute of Botany of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Arne Strid

Flora Hellenica Bibliography

Second edition

Kraków 2006

ISBN 83-89648-36-9



 List of publications........1

 Taxa index.................547

Geographic index.......633

Introduction (fragm.)

This is the second edition of a bibliography listing books and articles relevant to Flora Hellenica. The first edition, which was published in 1996, comprised 10,241 entries, and the number has subsequently grown to 13,276, or an increase by 30 per cent. Titles have been selected according to the following criteria:
    1. All floristic publications relating to Greek territory.
    2. Floristic publications for adjacent areas (Balkan Peninsula, W and S Turkey, Cyprus, Italy, etc.) when considered relevant to Greece.
    3. All taxonomic (including nomenclatural) papers dealing with Greek material.
    4.  Other major taxonomic works involving Greek taxa.
    5.  Phytogeographical and phytosociological literature with a Greek aspect.
    6.  Literature dealing with chromosome data for taxa represented in Greece. Papers in the fields of ecology, horticulture, phytochemistry, pharmacognosy, anatomy, palynology, plant physiology, etc., are listed only when including data of taxonomic or floristic interest. In horticulturally popular groups such as bulbous monocots the literature is vast and only publications relevant to our purpose have been included. Papers dealing with phylogeny at the level of families and genera have mostly been excluded.
Unpublished (typewritten or mimeographed) floristic lists or similar lists published on the internet have been included only when considered to be of particular interest. Individual accounts of families and genera in major Floras (e.g., Hegi, Flora of Turkey and Flora Europaea) have not been separately listed.
For taxonomic papers it is sometimes arbitrary whether they should be included or not. Monographs are usually listed even when marginally relevant; for other publications coverage is less complete. A taxonomic revision of a group of Centaurea in Spain, for instance, will probably be excluded if none of the taxa occur in Greece, whereas a revision of Sagina in North America will be included if it amounts to a monographic treatment also involving Greek taxa.
Coverage for chromosome literature has by necessity been less comprehensive for counts not based on Greek material. For a more complete listing of the very scattered publications, reference to the standard chromosome number atlases is recommended.
More than 98 per cent of the titles have been studied and verified by the author.....

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