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Current state, separateness and dynamics of vascular flora of the Gory Kaczawskie (Kaczawa Mountains) and Pogorze Kaczawskie (Kaczawa Plateau).

I. Distribution atlas of vascular plants

Paweł Kwiatkowski

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Abstract -  7
Introduction -  9
Acknowledgements -  11
Environmental conditions of the Gory Kaczawskie
and Pogorze Kaczawskie -  12
History of floristic investigations in the Gory Kaczawskie
and Pogorze Kaczawskie -  25
Material and methods -  26
List of squares (cartogram units) presented in the atlas -  33
List of taxa -  42
Mistakenly reported species -  185
References -  188
Maps -  205
Alphabetical index of genera -  461


The investigated area of the Gory Kaczawskie (Kaczawa Mountains) and Pogórze Kaczawskie (Kaczawa Plateau) covers 1 200 km2 and is located in the western part of the Sudetes (Southwestern Poland). Results of floristic and chorological investigations carried on for 17 years, supplemented by literature and herbarium data, are presented as a list of 1644 taxa of vascular plants. For all these taxa the chorological data and ecological characteristics are presented. For 1517 taxa, i.e. all the listed taxa excluding those with a status of ephemerophytes or cultivated plants, distribution maps (cartograms of 346 unit squares covering 2x2 km) are generated according to the methodology of the ATPOL database. The localities shown on cartograms are differentiated on the basis of the time of the most recent report, i.e. into two historical periods (from (1600) 1779 to 1944, and from 1945 to 1988) and one contemporary period covering the author's field studies (from 1989 to 2005), which constitutes 98% of all records. For all the taxa shown on the distribution maps, additional data are presented on the list. These are: Raunkiaer's life form, geographical-historical status, sociological-ecological group, degree of hemeroby, and synanthropodynamic category.

Key words: vascular plants, distribution maps, Kaczawa region, Sudetes, Poland

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