Polish Botanical Studies GUIDEBOOK SERIES - No 1 (1990) 

Research Progress Report (1988-1990)

compiled by Kazimierz Zarzycki & Urszula Korzeniak

Instytut Botaniki im. W. Szafera PAN, Kraków

ISBN: 83-00-03271-1  ISSN: 0867-0749

(publikacja w jęz. angielskim, stron 128)

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The report presents the advencemept of particular research programmes canied out at present in ihe Instjtute of Botany (see also: W. Szafer Institute of Botany, Guide, Kraków 1988). The studies are con-ducted within the following scientific projects: 04. 04. — Study, utilization and conservation of piani resources (co-ordinated by the Institute of Dendrology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kórnik); 04. 04. B. — Flora and vegetation — changes and threatened (co-ordinated by the W. Szafer Institute of Botany. Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków); 04. 09. — Ecosystems in industrial regions of Southern Poland (co-ordinated by the Institute of Ecology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Dziekanów Leśny); 03. 0.V — Ecosystems ;n the polar regions (co-ordinated by the Institute of Ecology, Polish Academy of Sciences. Dziekanów Leśny).

Most of the reports were prepared by the people involved. After some slight corrections, the reports were grouped into three main sections which are worked on at the Institute, though some of the studies from taxonomy and geography could be included in the ecological group and vice versa.
We are indebted to Prof. K. Urbańska (ETH, Zurich), Prof. S. Woodel and his wife B. Woodel (University of Oxford) for critical reading of taxonomical, geographical, and ecological reports and valuable remarks.



Taxonomy and plant geography



Botanical bibliographies

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