Polish Botanical Studies GUIDEBOOK SERIES - No 21 (1999) 


Rabenhorst's algae in Polish collections

(publikacja w jêz. angielskim)

Instytut Botaniki im. W. Szafera PAN, Kraków

PL-ISSN:0867–0749   PL-ISBN:83–85444–68–8

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The paper includes a list of specimens of algae collected by L. Rabenhorst in the years 1848-1877, which are deposited in herbaria of five Polish research institutions. The index contains the names of 2254 taxa belonging to 401 genera arranged in alphabetical order. The numbers and the location of exsicatae are given next to the name of the taxa.


Rabenhorsfs collection of exsiccatae is the largest European collection of algae accumulated in the second half of the 19th century (...). It was issued in volumes of 10 sheets under different titles in Dresden. This collection contains individual and very uni±ue specimens of algae, which are extremely rare nowadays. Each exsiccata has been numbered in order to indicate its position in the collection. However, they contain no information regarding the date and locality of collection of the specimens. An exception are specimens collected from different regions of the world which were not identified or assigned only to a class (the latter are listed at the end of the index). Many of the generic names as well as specific epithets used by Rabenhorst are now believed to be synonyms.

The first names of sea algae collected by L. Rabenhorst and G. van Martens entitled Meeralgen (in getrockneten Exemplaren, mit einem kurzen Texte versehen. Algae marinae siccatae. Eine Sammlung europäischer und ausländischer) was published in Stuttgart in 1852. The collection is found in Department of Plant Systematic of the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin.

The first directory of names of algae species collected by Rabenhorst entitled Index in L. Rabenhorst Algarum europaearum exsiccatarum (der Algen Europa's mit Berëcksichtigung des ganzen Erdballs) was published in Dresden in 1873 (...). It lists 2350 exsiccatae of algae in 235 volumes.

Exsiccatae containing specimens of algae collected by Rabenhorst and deposited in herbaria of five Polish institutions are numbered from 1 to 2586. They represent 2254 taxa belonging to 401 genera, including 1937 species, 218 varieties and 99 forms. Most of the exsiccatae are stored in holders consisting of 20 or rarely 10 and 30 sheets i.e. 2, 1 or 3 volumes of 10 sheets. Some are loose herbarium sheets.

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