Polish Botanical Studies GUIDEBOOK SERIES - No 8 (1993) 


Jezioro Gościąż – stan badań nad osadami dennymi i środowiskiem współczesnym.
 Materiały spotkania roboczego w Gliwicach 30.03–02.04.1992.

Lake Gościąż - progress of studies on the sediments and recent environment.
Proceedings of the workshop in Gliwice, 30.03–02.04.1992.

Instytut Botaniki im. W. Szafera PAN, Kraków

PL-ISSN:0867–0749 PL-ISBN:83–85444–16–5

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The varved sediments of Lake Gościąż in central Poland are the unique archive of environmental changes of the last 13,000 years recorded on the yearly timescale.
The multidisciplinary studies al this site started in 1987, but their planned regular development suffered heavily from the very difficult financial situation. By the end of 1991, a grant was allocated to the project "Holocene record of environmental and climatic changes in annually laminated lake sediments" by the Committee of Scientific Research (Project No 6 0252 91 01). It offered the new possibilities of progress to our work. In this connection the meeting of Lake Gościąż working group was held in Gliwice, in spring 1992, aiming to review the up-to-date state of research in particular disciplines involved, and to discuss the new plans.
This volume has been produced as the proceedings of that meeting, in form of the "research in progress" articles, to open the free circulation of the hitherto obtained data, first of all within the working group, and among the interested colleagues ready to help in the further development of the project. However, the general feeling was, that we need still some time for the considerations correlations and complement of data, before we are ready to offer even this part of our studies to the international community. That is why the book has been published in Polish. We intend to prepare a more elaborated publication on Lake Gościąż studies in English, as soon as possible.

SPIS TREŚCI - Contents
Badania nad współczesnym środowiskiem jeziora Gościąż oraz jego otoczenia. Wstępne wyniki badań archeologicznych regionu. - Studies on the modern environment of Lake Gościąż and its surroundings. Preliminary archaeological stirvey of the area. Badania rozpoznawcze osadów jeziora Gościąż i jezior jego otoczenia - Sediments of Lake Gościąż and of the neighbouring lakes Wstępne wyniki badań nad zapisem późnego glacjału w osadach warwowych jeziora Gościąż - Preliminary results of the complex studies on the late glacial record in the varved sediments of Lake Gościąż
Badania stropowej części osadów jeziora Gościąż - Studies on the youngest part of Lake Gościąż sediments Badania osadów przybrzeżnych jeziora Gościąż - Studies on the sediments of the Lake Gościąż marginal zone Baza danych jeziora Gościąż - Lake Gościąż data base

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