Children, young people and their teachers are invited to participate in educational workshops, organized and conducted free of charge at the Laboratory of Ecochemistry and Environmental Engineering in Szarów. The purpose of the workshops is to introduce the topic of biodiversity conservation and to present the benefits of the idea of “urban meadows” to younger residents of cities. The workshops consist of two parts: first, some theoretical knowledge will be presented in an attractive and interactive manner through fun exercises and team games, and then the participants will have a chance to perform simple laboratory experiments and visit the “Flower Paradise” oasis of biodiversity. Students will learn about the urban meadow ecosystems, its plants and animals as well as the associations between organisms living above and below ground, and their importance to humans. The educational workshops are aimed at shaping pro-environmental attitudes by developing awareness and sensitivity to nature as well as showing the relationship between human beings and their activity, and nature.

This workshop is aimed at older students (grades 6-8). The first, theoretical part will address issues related to biodiversity and urban ecology. We will consider how all of us can protect the natural environment in the city. In the practical part, we will perform simple experiments in the laboratory to assess the environmental condition and learn to identify the vegetation occurring in study plots mowed at various frequencies.

This workshop is aimed at younger students (grades 1-5). We will investigate the meadow plants, but also animals – especially pollinating insects, such as different species of bees, bumblebees and butterflies. We will discuss the role of insects in the natural environment and their importance to humans. The students will learn to identify plants and observe insects in action. They will also find out how to build a bug hotel.

The workshop is aimed at the youngest age group (grades 1-3, preschool departments). We will consider what a biodiverse meadow is and how it is created, and learn what to do to create such meadows ourselves. In the practical part, we will learn about the inhabitants of an urban meadow – both plants and animals. Our young naturalists will be able to experiment and draw, while designing or coloring in their own biodiverse meadow.

The workshop is aimed at students in grades 4-8. We will focus our attention on the biodiversity of the soil ecosystem. We will look through magnifying glasses at the soil structure and its inhabitants. We will discuss why soil biodiversity is so important. In the practical part, students will perform their own laboratory experiments to study the soil and its properties. They will also find out that the soil is alive, and even though we might not notice the fact at first glance, it is crucial for the protection of biodiversity.

All of the workshops include a visit to the Laboratory of Ecochemistry and Environmental Engineering in Szarów. Children will take part in educational games, activities and quizes organized in the “Flower Paradise” oasis.

The workshops are conducted under the supervision of experienced researchers and post-grade students with teaching experience. They are held every Friday of the month starting on 15th May till 15th July, 2023. Each workshop begins at 10:30 am and last for approximately 2 hours. The exact range of topics and duration of the workshops will be determined on an individual basis.

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