Dr Agnieszka Domka

Assistant Professor

Plant Biology Group
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Lubicz 46, 31‑512 Kraków, Poland


Research interests

  • Plant interactions with endophytic microorganisms.
  • The role of endosymbionts in the plant response to abiotic stress (mainly toxic metals).
  • Mechanisms involved in plant adaptation to the environment.

Recent publications (selected)

Turnau K., Pajdak-Stós A., Korzh Y., Domka A., Bień-Kostycz P., Fiałkowska E. 2024. Biological control of predatory fungi inhabiting activated sludge in wastewater treatment. Journal of Environmental Management 356: 120572. DOI

Ważny R., Jędrzejczyk R.J., Rozpądek P., Domka A., Tokarz K., Janicka M., Turnau K. 2024. Bacteria associated with spores of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi improve the effectiveness of fungal inocula for red raspberry biotization. Microbial Ecology 87: 50. DOI

Domka A., Jędrzejczyk R., Ważny R., Gustab M., Kowalski M., Nosek M., Bizan J., Puschenreiter M., Vaculίk M., Kováĉ J., Rozpądek P. 2023. Endophytic yeast protect plants against metal toxicity by inhibiting plant metal uptake through an ethylene-dependent mechanism. Plant, Cell & Environment 46: 268–287. DOI

Jędrzejczyk R.J., Gustab M., Ważny R., Domka A., Jodłowski P.J., Sitarz M., Bezkosty P., Kowalski M., Pawcenis D., Jarosz K., Sebastian V., Łabaj P.P., Rozpądek P. 2023. Iron inactivation by Sporobolomyces ruberrimus and its potential role in plant metal stress protection. An in vitro study. Science of The Total Environment 870: 161887. DOI

Ważny R., Jędrzejczyk R.J., Domka A., Pliszko A., Kosowicz W., Githae D., Rozpądek P. 2023. How does metal soil pollution change the plant mycobiome? Environmental Microbiology in press. DOI

Ważny R., Jędrzejczyk R.J., Rozpądek P., Domka A., Turnau K. 2022. Biotization of highbush blueberry with ericoid mycorrhizal and endophytic fungi improves plant growth and vitality. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 106: 4775–4786. DOI

Ważny R., Rozpądek P., Domka A., Jędrzejczyk R.J., Nosek M., Hubalewska-Mazgaj M., Irene Lichtscheidl, Kidd P., Turnau K. 2021. The effect of endophytic fungi on growth and nickel accumulation in Noccaea hyperaccumulators. Science of the Total Environment 768: 144666. DOI

Ważny R., Rozpądek P., Jędrzejczyk R.J., Domka A., Nosek M., Kidd P., Turnau K. 2021. Phytohormone based biostimulant combined with plant growth promoting endophytic fungus enhances Ni phytoextraction of Noccaea goesingensis. Science of the Total Environment 789: 147950. DOI

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Domka A., Rozpądek P., Turnau K. 2019. Are fungal endophytes merely mycorrhizal copycats? The role of fungal endophytes in the adaptation of plants to metal toxicity. Frontiers in Microbiology 10: 371. DOI

Domka A., Rozpądek P., Ważny R., Turnau K. 2019. Mucor sp. – An endophyte of Brassicaceae capable of surviving in toxic metal-rich sites. Journal of Basic Microbiology 59: 24–37. DOI

Rozpądek P., Nosek M., Domka A., Ważny R., Jędrzejczyk R.J., Tokarz K., Pilarska M., Niewiadomska E., Turnau K. 2019. Acclimation of the photosynthetic apparatus and alterations in sugar metabolism in response to inoculation with endophytic fungi. Plant, Cell & Environment 42: 1408–1423. DOI

Rozpądek P., Domka A., Nosek M., Ważny R., Jędrzejczyk R.J., Wiciarz M., Turnau K. 2018. The role of strigolactone in the cross-talk between Arabidopsis thaliana and the endophytic fungus Mucor sp. Frontiers in Microbiology 9: 441. DOI

Rozpądek P., Domka A., Ważny R., Nosek M., Jędrzejczyk R., Tokarz K., Turnau K. 2018. How does the endophytic fungus Mucor sp. improve Arabidopsis arenosa vegetation in the degraded environment of a mine dump? Environmental and Experimental Botany 147: 31–42. DOI

Turnau K., Jędrzejczyk R., Domka A., Anielska T., Piwowarczyk R. 2018. Expansion of a holoparasitic plant, Orobanche lutea (Orobanchaceae), in post-industrial areas – a possible Zn effect. Science of The Total Environment 639: 714–724. DOI