Dr Beata Krzewicka

Associate Professor

Organismal Evolution and Interactions Group
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Lubicz 46, 31‑512 Kraków, Poland


Research interests

  • Taxonomy, ecology and distribution of lichenized fungi, focusing research interests on mountain and arctic-alpine species.
  • Taxonomy, phylogenesis, ecology and nomenclature of pyrenocarpous lichens with particular emphasis on the Verrucariaceae family.
  • Biogeography of lichens of the genus Umbilicaria.
  • Interactions of lichens in aquatic ecosystems.
  • Diversity and distribution of Polish lichens, with particular emphasis on extreme habitats.

Recent publications (selected)

Krzewicka B., Matura N., Adamska E., Osyczka P. 2020. Species composition of freshwater lichens in temperate mountain streams: the effect of site, habitat and local spatial isolation. Preslia 92: 235–254. DOI

Owczarek-Kościelniak M., Krzewicka B., Piątek J., Kołodziejczyk Ł.M., Kapusta P. 2020. Is there a link between the biological colonization of the gravestone and its deterioration? International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 148: 104879. DOI

Maciejowski W., Osyczka P., Smykla J., Ziaja W., Ostafin K., Krzewicka B. 2018. Diversity and distribution of lichens in recently deglaciated areas of south-eastern Spitsbergen. Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 87: 3596. DOI

Schiefelbein U., von Brackel W., Cezanne R., Eichler M., Krzewicka B., Neumann P., Schultz M., Dolnik C. 2018. Additional interesting records of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi from Northern Germany. Herzogia 31: 114–132. DOI

Krzewicka B., Smykla J., Galas J., Śliwa L. 2017. Freshwater lichens and habitat zonation of mountain streams. Limnologica 63: 1–10. DOI