Dr Pamela Rodriguez-Flakus

Assistant Professor

Organismal Evolution and Interactions Group
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Lubicz 46, 31‑512 Kraków, Poland

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Research interests

  • Macroevolution and systematics of lichen-forming and lichenicolous fungi.
  • Phylogenetics, population genetics, species delimitation and phylogeography of fungi.
  • Molecular aspects of interspecific interactions between lichenicolous fungi and lichen symbionts and their ecological implications.
  • Diversity of lichen-forming fungi and related organisms in South America with special emphasis on Bolivia.

Recent publications (selected)

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Adamski M., Kaminski A. 2021. Impact of cylindrospermopsin and its decomposition products on antioxidant properties of glutathione. Algal Research 56: 102305. DOI

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Adamski M., Zimolag E., Kaminski A., Drukała J., Bialczyk J. 2020. Effects of cylindrospermopsin, its decomposition products, and anatoxin-a on human keratinocytes. Science of the Total Environment 765: 142670. DOI

Adamski M., Żmudzki P., Bialczyk J., Kaminski A., Chrapusta-Srebrny E., Bober B., Duchnik K. 2019. Decomposition products of cylindrospermopsin – a cyanotoxin produced by Raphidiopsis raciborskii (Woloszynska). Oceanological and Hydrobiological Studies 48: 227–235. DOI

Wołowski K., Solarska M., Adamski M., Żak-Elshahed L. 2019. Jadwiga Siemińska-Słupska – the personification of Polish phycology (1922–2018). Plant and Fungal Systematics 64: 3–15. DOI