Dr Renata Stachowicz-Rybka

Associate Professor

Palaeobotany and Palaeoenvironment Group
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Lubicz 46, 31‑512 Kraków, Poland


Research interests

  • Quaternary palaeobotany, analysis of plant macroremains, fossil seeds, fruits, megaspores and other remains, reconstruction of climatic and environmental changes in Pleistocene, Late Glacial and Holocene of Poland, Late Pleistocene and Holocene of Ukraine.
  • Pleistocene of Poland. Floras of macroscopic plant remains from lacustrine and fluvio-lacustrine sediments of the Augustovian, Ferdynandovian and Eemian Interglacials.
  • Interdisciplinary studies of Late Glacial and Holocene lacustrine and peat sediments from Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Germany.
  • Description of Quaternary sediments, particularly their sedimentation environment.
  • Archaeobotany (peated and carbonified plant macroremains) with particular emphasis on research from Meso- and Neolithic sites in Poland.

Recent publications (selected)

Hrynowiecka A., Stachowicz-Rybka R., Niska, M., Moskal-del Hoyo M., Börner A., Rother H. 2021. Eemian (MIS 5e) climate oscillations based on palaeobotanical analysis from the Beckentin profile (NE Germany). Quaternary International in press. DOI

Stefaniak K., Kovalchuk O., Kotusz J., Stachowicz-Rybka R., Mirosaw-Grabowska J., Winter H., Niska M., Sobczyk A., Barkaszi Z., Kotowski A., Malkiewicz M., Alexandrowicz W.P., Raczyński P., Badura J., Przybylski B., Ciszek D., Urbański K. 2021. Pleistocene freshwater environments of Poland: a comprehensive study of fish assemblages based on a multi-proxy approach. Boreas 50: 457–476. DOI

Sobczyk A., Borówka R.K, Badura J., Stachowicz-Rybka R., Tomkowiak J., Hrynowiecka A., Sławińska J., Tomczak M., Pitura M., Lamentowicz M., Kołaczek P., Karpińska-Kołaczek M., Tarnawski D., Kadej M., Moska P., Krąpiec M., Stachowicz K., Bieniek B., Siedlik K., Bąk M., van der Made J., Kotowski A., Stefaniak K. 2020. Geology, stratigraphy and palaeoenvironmental evolution of the Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis‐bearing Quaternary palaeolake(s) of Gorzów Wielkopolski (NW Poland, Central Europe). Journal of Quaternary Science 35: 539–558. DOI

Stefaniak K., Stachowicz-Rybka R., Borówka R.K., Hrynowiecka A., Sobczyk A., Moskal-del Hoyo M., Kotowski A., Nowakowski D., Krajcarz M.T., Billia E.M.E., Persico D., Burkanova E.M., Leshchinskiy S.V., van Asperen E., Ratajczak U., Shpansky A.V., Lempart M., Wach B., Niska M., van der Made J., Stachowicz K., Lenarczyk J., Piątek J., Kovalchuk O. 2020. Browsers, grazers or mix-feeders? Study of the diet of extinct Pleistocene Eurasian forest rhinoceros Stephanorhinus kirchbergensis (Jäger, 1839) and woolly rhinoceros Coelodonta antiquitatis (Blumenbach, 1799). Quaternary International in press. DOI

Karasiewicz T.M., Hulisz P., Noryśkiewicz A.M., Stachowicz-Rybka R. 2019. Post-glacial environmental history in NE Poland based on sedimentary records from the Dobrzyń Lakeland. Quaternary International 501: 193–207. DOI

Börner A., Hrynowiecka A., Stachowicz-Rybka R., Niska M., Moskal-del Hoyo M., Kuznetsov V., Maksimov F., Petrov A. 2018. Palaeoecological investigations and 230Th/U dating of the Eemian Interglacial peat sequence from Neubrandenburg-Hinterste Mühle (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, NE Germany). Quaternary International 467: 62–78. DOI

Karpińska-Kołaczek M., Woszczyk M., Stachowicz-Rybka R., Obidowicz A., Kołaczek P. 2018. The impact of climate changes during the last 6000 years on a small peatland in North-Eastern Poland: A multi-proxy study. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology 259: 81–92. DOI

Kittel P., Sikora J., Antczak O., Brooks S.J., Elias S., Krąpiec M., Luoto T.P., Borówka R.K., Okupny D., Pawłowski D., Płóciennik M., Rzodkiewicz M., Stachowicz-Rybka R., Wacnik A. 2018. The palaeoecological development of the Late Medieval moat – Multiproxy research at Rozprza, Central Poland. Quaternary International 482: 131–156. DOI

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Stachowicz-Rybka R., Pidek I.A., Żarski M. 2017. New palaeoclimate reconstructions based on multidisciplinary investigation in the Ferdynandów 2011 stratotype site (Eastern Poland). Geological Quarterly 61: 276–290. DOI

Bujak Ł., Woronko B., Winter H., Marcinkowski B., Werner T., Stachowicz-Rybka R., Żarski M., Woźniak P.P., Rosowiecka O. 2016. A new stratigraphic position of some Early Pleistocene deposits in central Poland. Geological Quarterly 60: 238–251. DOI

Gradziński M., Hercman H., Rizzi M., Stachowicz-Rybka R., Stworzewicz E. 2016. Sedimentation of Holocene tufa influenced by the Neolithic man: An example from the Sąspowska Valley (southern Poland). Quaternary International 437: 71–83. DOI

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