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Scientists from the Laboratory of Ecochemistry and Environmental Engineering of the IB PAS reveal the secrets of their work to children

On June 23, one of our institute laboratories, the Laboratory of Ecochemistry and Environmental Engineering, located in Szarów, on the edge of the Niepołomice Forest, was visited by extraordinary guests – third-grade students from a nearby primary school. The event was hosted by Małgorzata Stanek, head of the Laboratory.

First, the students were invited to the oldest part of the building, where they could see the historic equipment formerly used by researchers. In the second, typically laboratory part of the building, they learned the basic rules of the Laboratory and then carried out their own analyses of water and solutions prepared from materials known to them from everyday use. Visiting the rooms equipped with specialised devices for various purposes, the children gradually discovered what the work of a scientist and laboratory technician was about. The collections of plants grown in the greenhouse made a particular impression on them. The children learned that the blue-red light used in a greenhouse was optimal for plant growth, and found that being in such a room would result in a short-term view of the world in green colours (which was the reason for general amusement).

After an eventful tour, the students were invited to the garden for refreshments by the fire. To the joy of the Laboratory workers, the children used their free time not only to grill sausages and play in the garden but also to ask detailed questions about the research conducted in the Laboratory, to which they expected exhaustive answers.

Thank you for a nice visit! We hope that the memories of it will stay with children for a long time and, perhaps, will allow some of them to discover the passion of a researcher and scientist.

Here are the children's impressions after the visit to the Laboratory, written "hot" by the Laboratory employees :)

  • Joanna liked the experiment with colours the most.
  • Kuba liked the fact that after leaving the greenhouse he saw the world in green.
  • Zosia wanted to play hide and seek because large buildings (such as the Laboratory building) have plenty of hiding places.
  • Adam's dream is to become a scientist and discover a new drug.
  • The boys really enjoyed exploring the basement rooms.
  • After visiting the Laboratory, almost all girls want to be laboratory technicians and walk "in such white coats as Laboratory workers".
  • Adam liked the old microscopes.
  • Kuba and many other children with flushed faces told about the experiments they conducted in the Laboratory.

Collection of antique laboratory equipment.
Photo: Cecylia Barańska.

The spectrometry room equipped with the apparatus used during the determination of elements, including in water and soil.
Photo: Cecylia Barańska.

Another laboratory room with the cultivation of tomato seedlings.
Photo: Cecylia Barańska.

Determination of pH of solutions prepared from vinegar and washing powder.
Photo: Cecylia Barańska.

Determination of pH of solutions made of red cabbage juice.
Photo: Cecylia Barańska.

Collection of plants grown under blue-red light.
Photo: Cecylia Barańska.

A well-deserved rest in the garden.
Photo: Cecylia Barańska.

Grilling sausages.
Photo: Cecylia Barańska.