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Protected fungi of Poland. Distribution, threats, conservation recommendations – a new monograph

Collaboration of twenty mycologists from various academic institutions, including the W. Szafer Institute of Botany PAS, and amateur mycologists resulted in a monograph on fungi protected in Poland that has recently been published:

Kujawa A., Ruszkiewicz-Michalska M., Kałucka I.L. (eds.). 2020. Grzyby chronione Polski. Rozmieszczenie, zagrożenia, rekomendacje ochronne. Instytut Środowiska Rolniczego i Leśnego PAN, Poznań.

It is the first comprehensive study that covers fungi currently protected in Poland. The book contains descriptions, distribution maps and photographs, as well as identification of current threats and recommended conservation measures for all 117 species. Nine species have been elaborated by a mycologist from our Institute, Anna Ronikier (Molecular Biogeography and Systematics Group IB PAS) in cooperation with Barbara Skoczek (Organismal Evolution and Interactions Group IB PAS) and Ryszard Rutkowski (amateur mycologist). The distribution of species in Poland was revised based on a review of published data and specimens deposited in all Polish herbaria.

More about the book can be read on the website of the Polish Mycological Society. From there a PDF of the monograph can also be downloaded.

Additional information about one of the described species can be found in the article:

Ronikier A., Skoczek B. 2019. Aktualne rozmieszczenie Phylloporus pelletieri (Boletaceae) w Polsce. Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica Polonica 26: 369–383. DOI

The cover of the monograph.
Photo: P. Kapusta.