Research & Results

Conserving the endemic flora of the Carpathian region

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; within the Arcadia Fund (UK)
IB PAS leader
Dr. Michał Ronikier


The Carpathians, one of the major parts of the European Alpine System, constitute an iconic centre of biodiversity in temperate Europe and harbour remarkable biodiversity and habitat richness. The endemic flora of this area is a unique component of this diversity and, at the same time, an important model to study the evolution of regional biota. Current knowledge on species’ taxonomic status, spatial distribution and genetic diversity is, however, incomplete. Moreover, research and conservation efforts have mostly been country-specific, resulting in contrasting chorological knowledge and taxonomic acceptance between neighbouring countries, and differing conservation policies. This project aims at initiating a long-term international, collaborative framework for research on the endemic Carpathian flora using standardized tools, and based on the Carpathian Research Network consortium.

Retezat Massif (Southern Carpathians, Romania), one of the Carpathian centres of endemism.
Photo: Michał Ronikier.