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A lichenologist from our Institute took part in the Interdisciplinary Summer School on Forest Ecosystems

In July, the Interdisciplinary Summer School of Forest Ecosystems was held at the Slovenian Forestry Institute in Ljubljana. The event was organized as part of the COST Actions by three research networks – 3DForEcoTech, Bottoms-up, and PROCLIAS – and focused on the use of modern technologies and comprehensive biodiversity data in modeling forest dynamics. The training was attended by Valerii Darmostuk, a lichenologist from our Institute.

The training activities included a theoretical part – lectures by scientists specializing in close-range technologies (e.g. in the analysis of 3D point clouds from ground-based sensors) – and a practical part, in which participants used the acquired knowledge and state-of-the-art solutions to create models that allow, among others, link biodiversity measures with the structure and functioning of the ecosystem or simulate forest development. At the end of the school, the participants shared their opinions on the learned methods, especially their potential application in different research areas.


Discussion on the results of practical exercises.
Photo: Olha Sira.