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Cyanotoxin cylindrospermopsin: a potential threat to human skin cells!

A new paper by Dr. Michał Adamski (from our Institute) and colleagues has been published in the Science of the Total Environment; it presents the first detailed description of the influence of cyanotoxins, cylindrospermopsin (CYN) and anatoxin-a (ANTX-a), on human skin cells. The study has confirmed the strong harmful effects of the said compounds on human keratinocyte cells. The bioactivity of CYN decomposition products towards skin cells was also verified. Obtained results showed that both, pure CYN and its decomposition products, cause inhibition of skin cell proliferation and migration. In contrast, exposure of human skin cells to ANTX-a does not elicit a similar response.

The paper (see below) is one of the results of Dr. Adamski's doctoral studies at the Jagiellonian University.

Adamski M., Zimolag E., Kaminski A., Drukała J., Bialczyk J. 2020. Effects of cylindrospermopsin, its decomposition products, and anatoxin-a on human keratinocytes. Science of the Total Environment 765: 142670. DOI

Algal bloom in a lake.

Human skin cells in vitro.
Photo: Dawid Wnuk.

Cultivation of cyanobacteria in a liquid medium.
Photo: Michał Adamski.