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Dr. Tomasz Suchan awarded the scholarship of the Minister of Education and Science for outstanding young scientists

Dr. Tomasz Suchan, an employee of IB PAS, is among 181 beneficiaries of the scholarship of the Minister of Education and Science awarded to outstanding young scientists conducting high-quality research documented by excellent publications. Our Laureate works on the evolutionary ecology and phylogenetics of modern and fossil organisms. He studies the processes responsible for the current distribution and genetic structure of populations of Arctic-Alpine species, especially those vulnerable to climate change. His interests focus on the phylogeography of relict populations, including Carpathian and Sudeten populations, against the background of their entire ranges. In his work, he uses the latest methods of genetic research, including next-generation sequencing. In cooperation with foreign research centres, he is also improving the "hybridization RAD (hyRAD)" method he developed.

The announcement of the competition results is available on the Ministry's website (in Polish only).

Dr. Tomasz Suchan at work in the lab.
Foto: T. Suchan archive.